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Expert Body Repair, Paint and Color Matching

Accidents happen. And in the case of this beautiful Class A, someone decided to turn left in front of this rig. The result was some serious damage to the front fiberglass nose cap.

Repairing fiberglass is a complicated process. First, there is the obvious damage that needs to be addressed. But the paint and body shop experts at Lance Parts and Service know to look past the obvious damage for hairline cracks and stress fractures. Repairing these makes sure that the structure will remain sound for the life of the unit.

Lance RV Parts and Service was able to restore this Class A unit to its original condition. This technique saves time, money and eliminates so many problems in replacing such a large body part as well.

In the customers’ words, “The fit, finish and color are even better than when original”.

Before Paint
After Paint

Remove, Repair and Reinstall Slide Rooms

If you want to do certain jobs on the interior of your coach – sometimes you need to remove your slide room. This kind of job is best done by experts. Experts like the professionals at Lance RV Parts and Service. This customer wanted to change their linoleum flooring. To do the job right the slide-out room needed to be removed.

The service department made sure to remove the room and all connections with care, setting it aside for the installation of the new linoleum flooring.  Once that was done, it was time to reinstall the slide room.

In the process of removing the slide room, a sag in the kitchen cabinetry was discovered. The cabinet department reinforced the cabinet making it stronger than originally designed and provided additional structural support for the slide room.

When reinstalling the slide-out room, routine maintenance included checking of seals, motors and slide-out mechanisms. “You guys did a great job” proclaimed the customer adding, ” I can’t wait to show this to my wife.”

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