Electrical Diagnostics and Repair

Electrical Diagnostics and RepairAn RV is a complicated machine with many systems that bring the comforts of home on the road with you wherever you go. One of them is the electrical system.

There are two parts to the electrical system – high voltage – which includes your 110 volt items like air conditioners, microwave oven and larger flat screen televisions. The other part is low voltage. This consists of 12 volt systems that can include lighting, pilot light ignition and other common systems in your RV.

It’s important that all your systems be working well both for convenience and safety. At Lance RV Parts and Service, we have the expert technicians and tools to trouble shoot problems from older RVs to those made today with very advanced electronics.

As part of your annual service – ask for a check up on your converters, breakers, fuses, transfer switches and battery systems. Our consultants can also discuss with you the benefits of solar panels, upgraded battery configurations including dual 6 volt systems.

Solar Panel Installation and Service

Solar Panel Installation and Service Solar panels offer a lot of freedom to todays’ RVer.  Even if you go to RV parks, a solar panel can keepyour RV batteries in good condition when you store or park your RV. If you want to extend your dry-camping experience, the experts at Lance Camper RV Parts and Service can help you calculate whether you need a single panel for maintenance or multiple panels for your specific power demands.

Our technicians will find the best spot on your RVs roof to mount the panels, run the wires and connect them to a voltage controller. This panel shows when the solar panels are charging and the condition of your batteries. The capacity of the controller will be determined by the number of panels you have in your installation.

Maintenance is very simple. Just keep your panels clean as you would your RVs roof so maximum sunlight can reach them. So if you are looking for a way to extend your dry-camping RV trips, make sure to speak with your service writer at Lance RV Parts and Service. We’ll design a custom system tailor fit to match your needs.

Paint and Body Repair with Color Graphics Matching

Paint and Body Repair with Color Graphics MatchingToday’s RV paint schemes are more demanding than ever – with shading, delicate metallics and more. Also challenging are older RVs with vinyl stripes that have gotten old, brittle, faded and cracked. The sidewalls may even have a “chalky” appearance. These are just a few things the experts in the paint and body shop deal with at Lance RV Parts and Service.

But it takes a lot to make your RV look good as new.  We’re expert at body repair and hand-crafting fiberglass – especially important if a nose cap or some other part for your RV is no longer available. (See our Before and After page for an example of just that!)

Our experts will prep your project with care to assure that when finished, you will forget that an accident ever happened. And if you are in for a facelift on those old graphics – we’ll leave you with an RV looking good as new.

The paint and body repair shop at RV Parts and Service. Quality through and through with lasting beauty.